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Two years ago, loss came to visit me again like an old friend. A pervasive theme that unearths all in need of healing. The very foundation uprooted. In home. In health. In career. At my very core….my magic.


In a tough place, a friend reminded me of my roots. She said, "Amanda, you are magic. Don't ever forget that."

As a daily practice of self-love, I said the phrase,

“You are Magic,” every day for a year. 


2019 was a year. But I did it.


This mantra continues to serve as a reminder to me that I am not alone. We are not alone. Even in our darkest hour, there is light.


There is connection.

There is love.

We are ok.

We all have magic to share with the world.


From the simplest moments to the grandest gestures.

Magic is our story.

And our stories always matter. 


“You are Magic,” is a call to all of us and our innate capacity to heal ourselves through reminders of what matters most. The bridge from my heart to yours, no matter the distance.


Magic can’t be contained. It is everywhere, in everyone. Let these pieces of art be a reminder of our innate magic within.

The Story

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